Ciech Sarzyna

CIECH Sarzyna

Ciech Sarzyna

CIECH Sarzyna is one of the key companies of the CIECH Group and a pillar of its organic segment with a tradition stretching back 80 years.

The company specialises in production of plant protection products and resins. The full range of products includes over 1000 SKUs, including basic and custom made products.

As the leading producer of resins and hardeners in Poland and one of the few producers of solid epoxy resins in the EU, Ciech Sarzyna has, for many years, offered a rich product portfolio of EPIDIAN® epoxy resins, POLIMAL® polyester resins, gel coats and top coats, FLODUR® water glass hardeners and resins, along with NOWOLAK and MODOFEN® phenol-formaldehydes.

Market Segments

  • Chemical Industry

  • Electronics

  • Infrastructure

  • Agriculture


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